Bryant Buchanan Productions
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Dear Patrons, family members and friends,

Welcome to our website and sincere thanks for your patience through
its development--Kudos to EZNET TOOLS, INC. On behalf of the BBPI
staff and family, Harvey and I would like to thank our family, friends
and our patrons for loving us through the many years of work in the
ministry. As we continue to grow in the Lord and share His greatness
throughout the world, please continue to intercede for us for
continual favor, blessings and strength as we bring thought-provoking,
soul-enriching productions to your communities. In the interim, may
God richly bless each of you in your coming and your going, and may He
expand your territory immensely as he exposes the greatness that exist
in you. We can't wait to see you again. Take Care.

Be blessed,
In Jesus' Name
Harvey & Shatrece