When The Soul of A Woman Cries (Formerly named Mama, Mama, Oh Me Ma!)

First produced in Taegu Korea, 2004, to over 1000 US Soldiers and Koreans

A Play About Reconciling a broken family in the face of tragedy and failure.

Girl, God’s Gonna Luv Ya Anyhow!

First Produced at the famous Lincoln Theater in 1997 to over 4000.  Produced at Mary Washington College in Virginia and at the famous Paramount theater in 2002.

A convicting, soul-stirring, original gospel Play about the Consequences of risky Sexual Behavior and God’s Will, as three Single friends in the Play discover.  If sexual sin, STDs, AIDs is important to you--then this is the play for your organization---all age groups apply.

A Thief in the Night

First Produced in 2003 in Asbury, New Jersey

Original Gospel play written at the request of the Pastor of Living Word Christian Fellowship to address the Over-commercialization of Christmas---Fun, engaging and word-based.

Prince of God

Co-Produced and Edited with Writer Minister Charles McDonald, Sr.

A play about the impact of the importance of Accepting Christ in a time of peer pressure and lack of consideration; A great play for the Youth

Silver Trumpets

A full-blown original Play, partial musical, first produced in Iraq in 2010 to over 500 US Soldiers and Ugandan guards.

An Educational Play about the US Riots during the Civil Right’s Movement

Martin Luther King Jr. Play

First written and produced in 2009 at Fort Stewart, GA for Ambassador Andrew Young and Mayor Thomas of Hinesville along with 1500 patrons. Record crowds along with key dignitaries throughout state of Georgia.

Women’s Equality Day Skit

First Produced in 2010 in Iraq for the Fort Stewart division headquarters’ staff

A skit about how women fought for the 26th Amendment, the right to vote in the US...dramatic reenactment of key suffragist, politicians and activist either for womens' suffrage or against it.

Rewrote Book by Omar Tyree, New York Times Best-Selling Author; A Do Right Man; Rewrote Book/Adapted the book into Stag
Rewrote and Adapted the book A Do Right Man by New York Times Best Selling Author, Omar Tyree into Derivative StagePlay

 “Go Ye Therefore and Teach All Nations!” -Matthew 28:19

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